Packing and Shipping

The minimum order to be sent will be a complete container, it could be a 20' (maritime container), or a 27' (poppies, ground service), but the most common trailers we used are 40'HC maritime and 53' trailer by land. Due to the different geographic locations, we deliver our products, you have to contact us first to receive specific information regarding packing material and shipping..

Bulk Packing

One of the most common forms of packaging when we send a variety of sizes and shapes is Bulk packing  or loose packing, that is the best way to use every single space inside the container, and is very cost effective. Basically consist in layers of thick cardboard, as well as small pieces of cardboard between each of the items, we guarantee less than 3% of breakage because all the merchandise is perfectly secured.

Individual Boxes

This packing type is recomended only for small to medium items, because our big items are very heavy and the cardboard has to be very thick to support the weight, which turns in an expensive way of packing, but it is a very good choice when you are talking about small items that has to be redistributed by our customers in drop shipments.


If the complete shipment is a mix of only two or three different items throughout the container, this is the ideal way to pack them, because the pallets have to be uniform to distribute the load efficiently and without any risk of breakage. Depending on the situation and means of transportation to be used, it would be the number of pallets that fit inside the container or trailer; this is a very sage and agile way to handle our products.