About us

Masart Export is a Company established in 1986, which has a wide experience in the manufacture of decorative clay pots and crafts, We are the birthplace of these products in Jalisco, a region world renowned for the most representative emblems of México, such as Mariachi, Tequila, and Clay Decorative Accessories.


Our experience over the years has allowed us to export our goods to overseas mainly the United States, as well as Canada, Israel, France, Switzerland, Bahrain, etc.; using different means of transportation, whether by land, sea or rail providing a diverse variety in the type of packaging reflected in cost and delivery time. We also carry out an environmental policy seeing that our pots do not use any chemicals or solvents that may damage the health, all the paints and solvent solutions are water based, and the basic material we use for all our products is only clay, which is totally biodegradable.


The main purpose to Masart is provide our customers the satisfaction of purchasing products that fit well in all decoration styles and landscapes, and can lead you from the simplicity and tradition of the Rustic environments, to the sophistication and modernity of the Contemporary Lifestyles.